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Some things people have written about me and my work.

I greatly appreciate the splendid contribution you have made to the work of the Queensland Heritage Council during your three year membership.
      Your knowledge and experience in the conservation of heritage registered places in Queensland and across Australia has provided a sound philosophical approach and high level of technical expertise to both the Queensland Heritage Council and its Sub-committees.
Dean Wells, Queensland Minister for Environment, letter, December 2001
Outstanding capacity for diplomacy and for working with challenging tasks with a flexibility that never compromises his professional integrity.
Tony Dale, blurb for Rural Women's Forum, Inverell, May 2001
If I had the ability to give every Diocesan Advisory Committee member in England a present it would be a copy of the Illustrated Burra Charter, which shows how to put flesh on the bare bones of theory.
Peter Burman, Director of the Centre for conservation studies, University of York, writing in ‘Conservation philosophy and churches’ in Churchscape 1997: the annual review of the Council for the care of churches.

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