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Queensland country townscape

In 1972 I took a slow overland trip from Brisbane to London​—​to see new places and to learn the art of travelling. When I went back to university to finish my architecture course I wanted a pretext for travelling again. So I proposed a thesis project that would involve extensive fieldwork​—​a study of the character of country towns.

Photographs I took in Barcaldine and Childers in 1974, and used to illustrate the thesis.

Now, when I read the thesis I cringe a little​—​I have learned a few things in the meantime​—​but other parts have held up well. The photographs have even gained value as historical records. I still fondly remember the towns and the journeys. My current prac­tice is founded on the skills I learned by producing those 20,000 words.

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Year: 1973-1975

filed under  Survey + Writing

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Award winning
Government building
Industrial site
Timber building

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