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February 2005

Yin Yu Tang, a Chinese home

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This web exhibition introduces a late Quing dynasty merchants’ house from south eastern China. The house was dismantled and re-erected at the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts, USA.

The web exhibition is the work of Second Story, a studio that specialises in online exhibitions.

The heart of the experience is comprised of five thematic sections that provide a unique lens through which the house can be examined, including Orientation, Construction, Ornamentation, Belongings, and Preservation. Content is segmented into distinct “scenes” within each theme; as visitors navigate between scenes, a persistent 3D model view of Yin Yu Tang reacts to reveal different features of the house. A visual interactive family tree, dozens of audio interviews, hundreds of historical and contemporary photographs, and many videos are sprinkled throughout the experience to make this Chinese home ‘a living house.’ [Blurb from]

Part of screen image

From the Construction section of the website, details of mortise and tenon joints that connect parts of the timber frame.


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