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Special places: Afghanistan

July 2005

Dust on my shoes

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Peter Pinney’s 1952 book Dust on my shoes is the story of his journey from Greece to Burma. I discovered this book after a little journey of my own. On the continuum from tourist through traveller to adventurer, I class myself as a traveller, and Pinney as an adventurer. This is a travel book in the genre of the ripping yarn. The exotic places provide a reason, a flavour and a setting for the daring and dangerous human interactions.

This website has been built around the text and photos of Pinney’s book. Slabs of Pinney’s text are available as readings with animated illustrations. A modern parallel journey is being revealed through film clips and text. There is a musical journey featuring Kavisha Mazzella and Mick Thomas, and a collection of biographical material about Peter Pinney.

You’ll need Flash, and a broadband connection, to enjoy this website.


October 2001

Afghan folio

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This on-line exhibition of 32 photographs has been my private pleasure for a year or so. Now, as the western powers prepare for a new war on Afghanistan, these pictures show a deeper view of that remarkable country than we see on TV.


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