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August 2016

Lighthouses for aeroplanes


Concrete arrows and the US airmail beacon system is a post on the Sometimes interesting blog describing a system that has left strange concrete arrows across the American landscape. In con­trast to marine lighthouses which have stood for centuries and are still lit every night, these aerial navigation aids had a short service life.

In 1924 the US Postal Service began to build a network of giant concrete arrows which pilots could see from the air during day­light, with flashing lights on towers for night navigation. By 1933 radio direction-finding systems had been developed, and the beacon system became obsolete.»more»

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September 2005

The interactive Nolli map


In 1741 Giambattista Nolli published his Pianti Grande di Roma, a fabulously detailed and accurate map of Rome.

Now Jim Tice, Erik Steiner and others from the University of Oregon have created this website. Bravo!


October 2002

The Valley of the Kings

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The American University in Cairo hosts the Theban Mapping Project. The Atlas of the Valley of the Kings is an exemplary interpretation of a very complex site. From an overview map you can select from dozens of tombs, then explore the passages and chambers. Text, photographs, 3d models and video segments describe each tomb � its history and archaeology.


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June 2000

Horace’s villa

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Quintus Horatius Flaccus (known as Horace) lived from 65 to 8 BC and was Rome’s leading lyric and satiric poet of his age. This web site interprets his life and times through the archaeology of his house.


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