Saving black rhinos

Monday 16 December 2002

I read about the work of the Save the Black Rhino Trust through the aus.photo newsgroup. I followed up, and received some more information:

The black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) of Namibia is an endangered species. For many years it has been poached for its horn to the point of near extinction. The animal poachers who developed skills to track down and kill the black rhinos are now themselves an endangered species. It has been recognised that the former poachers have useful tracking skills that can be used to locate the small number of black rhinoceros surviving in the extreme north western corner of Namibia. Once tracked down, these animals are no longer killed but instead can be observed and their habits studied in order to better understand them and develop strategies for their continued survival. To assist in recording observations the former poachers complement their tracking skills (and income) with photography. They now take pictures of the rhino instead of killing them. Shooting with rifles has been replaced by shooting on film but they need cameras to do this. Hentie Burger, our guest presenter from Namibia at APSCON 2002 is seeking simple SLR cameras and lenses that can be used by these indigenous Namibians to take photos of black rhinos in order to record their behaviour and movements. Anyone who has such a camera or lens sitting unused in a closet and is willing to donate it to the “Save the Rhino Trust” can send it…

OK, I’m convinced. Anyone else? Just let me know, and I’ll pass on the details.

Canon FD 135mm/f2.8 lens

This Canon FD 135mm/f2.8 lens is now on the way to a new life in Namibia

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