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Thursday 18 February 2010

Halal gelatin

I have mixed feelings about accepting comments on this blog. In my darker moments I feel like I should just close down com­ment­ing, because the comments add so little value to this site, but cost me some housekeeping time. Almost all incoming com­ments are spam​—​these are automatically discarded. Of the few that get through the filters, most are childish vandalism (which I remove one by one), there are a few relevant con­tri­but­ions, and a tiny proportion that I find interesting and diverting. I do find it odd which posts attract the comments. The winner is a piece about my interest in obsolete editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, with 227 comments.

My 16 April 2002 post about animal glue has also been popular with the commentariat. Until yesterday 79 comments had made it through the filters, mostly from manufacturers seeking mar­kets for their products.

Today I was cheered up by the 80th comment, left by a manu­fac­turer in Malaysia who was offering something new: Halal gelatin. Well, I wasn’t expecting that!

Pie charts of the sources and geography of gelatin production, by phillip.calvin@en.wikipedia, from the wikipedia article on gelatin.

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Halal gelatin

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