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Saturday 30 April 2011

Bunya bookplate

Our household recently had a short holiday at the Bunya Mountains. Our friends Susan and Rex Addison spent a few days with us there. We did the usual things: walking, cooking, eating, reading.

And we discussed a design brief for a weekend retreat. Margie and I have been going to the Bunya Mountains for years, and have stayed in various rented houses and cabins. We always enjoy ourselves, but we find the rental houses deficient. For one thing, they never seem to be equipped with the sorts of books that are needed during a week at the Bunyas.

We all agreed that a proper Bunya Mountains library would include both fiction and non-fiction​—​perhaps a few hundred books altogether. The fiction would run from serious to frivolous, from the standard canon to the off-beat and new, from short stories to long novels. The non-fiction shelves would need at least one atlas, more than one dictionary, recipe books, field guides and reference books covering a range of flora and fauna, books about local geography, history, etc, etc.

Shortly after we returned to Brisbane​—​to my surprise and delight​—​Rex turned up with a gift of a bookplate for use in the books in our Bunya shack, whenever it happens.

Lino cut bookplate drawn, cut and printed by Rex Addison. The print is about 100 × 100 mm and intended to be reproduced at half that size for pasting into the books.

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