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Saturday 1 November 2003

I’m going to the Australia ICOMOS Telling tales: interpretation in the conservation and design process conference in Sydney.

Conference-goers are invited to bring posters on the theme of in­nov­at­ive concepts and media to communicate heritage mean­ings. This got me thinking about the ways I use this website to tell stories about people and places, and what makes it a good medium.

Eight reasons why a personal website is a good place for committing acts of interpretation:

It’s personal. Here I speak for myself, with my own voice — as when I describe The Ganges at Varanasi, or Hotel room, Chandi Chowk, Delhi.

It’s immediate. I can publish an account of an experience the same day it happens — see How I spend my days.

It’s interactive. My readers can engage in discussion through online comments — see the comment to How I spend my days. (People also initiate exchanges by email — I’ve had a couple of responses to Mugshot 4).

It’s findable. Search engines offer both power and serendipity — try a Google search for ironic order.

It’s editable. This website is not carved in stone, so I can add, subtract and polish the material — see the postscript to Russell Hall’s ironic column.

It’s locationless. It’s everywhere. People send me comments from California, and Caracas.

It’s hyperlinked. It’s the World Wide Web, a fabric of millions of documents — see my piece about the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

It’s cheap. Compared with other interpretation media it costs very little — see some hosting rates.

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